Napoli come Detroit. L'articolo di Bloomberg

Naples Flirts With Detroit Fate as Budget Rejected: Euro Credit
di Lorenzo Totaro
Bloomberg News/Businessweek/Washington Post, 7 febbraio 2014

Naples is technically bankrupt,” said Riccardo Realfonzo, a professor and former Naples city councilman for economic affairs. “If the auditors won’t change their mind, Naples won’t get a key loan from the state and, like Detroit, will become unable to pay money to its employees or provide basic services”... “I’m not in favor of new financial aid to the city now,” said Realfonzo, who teaches economy at the University of Sannio near Naples and resigned from his post as councilman in 2012 after publicly questioning the city’s ability to pay. “Instead I’d favor special administration, and only afterward financial intervention” by the central government...